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Using Twenty Nineteen, you may not need a child theme, if you don't want to go further than some CSS tweaks. Anyway, there is one here, so just you can give it a look!

While writing a post about Twenty Nineteen tweaks (see Personnaliser Twenty Nineteen – fr), I wanted to offer my readers a child theme: so all they have to do is to clic on theme options in WordPress Customizer.

I’ve searched all around the web for child themes or tweaks. Unfortunately, the offer is rather poor. Twenty Nineteen is really young, and themers need more time to offer a child theme, especially when the parent one is as great as Twenty Nineteen is. All I found were some CSS tweaks and some ways to ‘hide’ metas or footer content.

“Hide”… sounds bad, as some lousy thing you’re ashamed of. I’m not this kind of man. Hiding is not clean. Google see what you hide. Not a good SEO practice, in any case.

So, as what I found did not suit me, I decided to create…

A child theme that fits your needs

How? I put my hands in the code and added some conditionnal logic: if you don’t want to show author meta for example, or date, or how many comments have been sent, it will not be included in the HTML output. That’s all.

You can see that I don’t display the author info, as I’m the only one writing on this blog. That I don’t need a comments count either, as comments are not opened. You can search in source code, there’s no mention of any of those metas. But the date… I think it’s important, as the post can be 3 years old and no more relevant.

In the same way, if you want / need to customize your footer info, you don’t have to hide the default one. Just change it, having an text stored in theme modifications, that you can access with get_theme_mod() WordPress core function, is prettier than hiding default and adding your’s through a pseudo-element like :after or :before.

All theme settings are available through the WordPress Customizer, in i2019 Options tab, as you can see in the screenshots gallery below:

But I did not stop after some tweaks to the theme. I also brought…

My personnal touch

You can see at the top of the post, just below the featured image: you can display time to read, words count and the excerpt.

If you don’t use the excerpts yet, it’s time to get started! This WordPress feature allows to give a foretaste to your readers, and can be used by search engines, in RSS feeds and in archives pages.

I also added a pure CSS scroll to top button, so you don’t need to add one with some additional plugin, even if you can do it this way.

You can view the full list of features in the post What’s new in i2019 today?, where I list all improvements and bug fixes almost from the beginning.

If you want an awesomely designed page, you can use Elementor, as Twenty Nineteen and also its child theme, i2019, work in perfect harmony with this page builder.

By the way, the homepage has been built with the free Elementor version. You find it ugly? Wow! Sorry guys! Gimme a little help, I’m not a designer 🙁

If I find more tweaks or improvements I can add to the theme, I will. Just stay in touch! And that’s all folks! Just a default theme, some tweaks, and some unique features too.