Free WordPress Theme i2019

i2019 is a free WordPress child theme based on Twenty Nineteen.

So, whatever its parent can do, it can do too.

Improvment is in some tweaks and features the parent theme does not have.

Is there a demo for this theme? Of course there is, and you’re looking at it: i2019 is this website theme.

As it’s a free GPL released theme, you can fork it, redistribute it or simply use it for your own website.

I provide support for improvements in the child theme. For other issues, see the parent theme forum.

Want to see how it looks with a featured image? Take a look on the blog, some posts have one (and some don’t, but they look great on Archives page anyway). For the very last improvements read this post: What’s new in i2019 today? where I log changes for each new version (starting with v. 1.0.2).

i2019 unique Features

Fully Customizable

You can choose to activate or not each option, individually.

Full Width

Content, pictures, comments can be displayed in a full width canvas.

Elementor Friendly

i2019 works in perfect harmony with Elementor Page Builder.

Footer Menu

You can set alignment of your footer menu (to the right).

Time to Read

Display time to read and words count in single posts.

The Excerpt

Display personalized excerpt or teaser text before the post.


Set up custom colors for both text and background.

Copyright Info

Your website, your copyright. Even if it is proudly powered by WordPress.

Scroll to Top

100% CSS powered scroll to top button.

Menu Separators

Add separators between each menu item except the last one.

Infinite Scroll

Jetpack Infinite Scroll available (must be enabled in Jetpack too).

Automatic Updates

You can update the theme from your WordPress Administration.

Performance matters

Slow loading sites frustrate users and negatively impact publishers.
You have below the results of i2019 performance tests performed on GTmetrix.

GTmetrix - Homepage performance
GTmetrix - Homepage performance
GTmetrix - Single post performance
GTmetrix - Single post without featured image performance
GTmetrix - Single post without featured image performance
GTmetrix - Contact page performance
GTmetrix - Contact page performance